Multibeam AutoPilot

  • Guarantee coverage, reduce survey times, & improve operational efficiency
  • Elimiinate infill lines to fix gaps & holes in coverage
  • Simplify the workflow to reduce fatigue, improve productivity, & focus on data quality

MAP is an automated vessel runline generator for use during shallow-water multibeam survey planning & acquisition operations.

It calculates the optimal vessel waypoints to seamlessly stitch successive runlines together without holes and complete a survey in the minimum amount of time.

Advanced 3D Interface
RV Keary Trials
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One of MAP's key design features is its exceptional processing performance, which can execute the complete automated workflow within the time taken to transit from end of the current runline to the start of the next runline.
High Performance Processing
Processing Events
ActionTag Operator specifies desired line-to-line % coverage overlap for next runline.
Import and geo-correct raw MBES data file (.all, .s7k, etc) from current runline.
ActionTag Statistical & Spike outlier filtering. Multi-threaded architecture delivers acquisition to processing times in excess of 50:1 on standard laptops.
ActionTag Data is gridded to the desired hits per cell sounding density and the surface area extracted - the required track of the outer beam on the next runline is calculated.
ActionTag MAP ensures that (1) the next runline is realistic for the vessel to follow, (2) there will be no coverage gaps between successive runlines, (3) all holes are detected and will be filled in, and (4) excessive overlap is eliminated to reduce time.
ActionTag Smart waypoint compression to reduce runline complexity and eliminate unnecessary vessel manoeuvres, then output generic UTM autopilot waypoints for QINSy etc.
MAP Stages
Single Click Workflow
GeoCorrect Beams
Filter Outliers
Next Runline Outer Beam & Vessel Tracks
Apply Hole Detection
Simplify Waypoints

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