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SonarSim Ltd. was founded in 2011 by Francis Flannery and Dr. James Riordan to leverage cutting edge advancements in high performance computing to enhance the capabilities and functionality of commercially available underwater SONAR software, with a dedicated focus on reducing overall survey costs.

The Company's mission is to eliminate identified wasted costs hiding in the manual processes which characterise many existing survey planning, acquisition, and processing techniques. We achieve this by replacing the manual low level tasks with intelligent software based methods which are proven to deliver tangible ship time efficiencies to the exceedingly expensive task of collecting survey data offshore. As part of this cost saving mission we also decouple the non-acquisition workflow stages from expensive ship time requirements through the use of high fidelity simulation. Our simulators replicate the survey data generation process to support cost effective training, R&D, resource management, and mission rehearsal tasks while providing far greater flexibility and scope of scenarios.

The management team have a multi-disciplinary background of industry academic experience principally in the electronic engineering sector mixed with 10+ years' experience prior to SonarSim conducting smart underwater vehicle technology R&D at the Marine Robotics Research Centre at the University of Limerick. The performance step changes which underpin our productised platform technologies are achieved through cross pollination of established underwater SONAR practices with mainstream ICT innovations in big data software and parallel computational architectures.

Since 2011 SonarSim have participated as SME beneficiary partners in many high-impact FP7 and H2020 European Commission projects, won three innovation awards in national technology and business competitions, and have successfully delivered productised systems to early access commercial clients across Europe and the Middle East. While the Company has a commercially oriented focus it continues to engage in leading edge R&D initiatives. For example, as an SME partner SonarSim supports a number of PhDs in the Science Foundation Ireland sponsored Marine Renewable Energy Ireland research consortium.

Through our partnership with the INFOMAR programme, SonarSim have the ship-time & equipment access we require to conduct extensive sea acceptance and validation testing of our technologies. INFOMAR is the joint venture between the Geological Survey of Ireland and the Marine Institute responsible for mapping Ireland's coastal zone seabed's which together with its predecessor the deep-water Irish National Seabed Survey forms one of the largest civilian mapping programmes worldwide.

Dr. James Riordan

James Riordan, co-founder of SonarSim, has a B.Eng. in Electronic Engineering (2002) and a PhD in Computational Ocean Acoustics (2006) from the University of Limerick (UL), Ireland.

Between 2006 and 2010, Dr. Riordan was a Research Fellow with the Marine Robotics Research Centre in UL, becoming Principal Investigator in 2007 of a high-quality research stream focused on the delivery of visually-immersive real-time simulation technology to the hydrographic industry. (LinkedIn Profile)

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Francis Flannery

Francis Flannery, co-founder of SonarSim, has a B.Eng. in Electronic Engineering (2002) and M.Eng. in Security Formal Verification (2005) from the University of Limerick (UL), Ireland.

From 2005-2008, he was an R&D Software Engineer with Intel, working on cryptographic firmware. From 2008- 2010, Mr. Flannery was Development Programmer with the Marine Robotics Research Centre in UL and is currently pursuing a part-time PhD in Parallel Computational Ocean Acoustics. (LinkedIn Profile)

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SonarSim Ltd. is registered in Limerick, Ireland.
Company Number: 501092 . VAT Registration: 9795018L .

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