SONAR-Webcam Installation at Galway Bay Cabled Observatory (September 2016)

SonarSim are installing a multibeam imaging SONAR lander at the SmartBay subsea cabled observatory site in Galway Bay. The project, conducted in partnership with the University of Limerick, will capture and stream real-time acoustic imagery from the subsea equipment interconnect pod to a remotely accessible web portal, which will allow visitors to log in and control the SONAR view direction and imaging settings.

The SONAR, a Tritech Gemini 720i, will be mounted on a Sidus pan & tilt unit to enable full coverage of the surrounding underwater scene. A number of purpose built targets will also be dropped onto the seabed for referencing and calibration purposes. The SonarSim objectives for the SONAR lander encompass personnel training, scientific site monitoring, and R&D support for target tracking applications.
Multibeam Autopilot v2.0 Validation Testing - Arklow (June 2016)

SonarSim are testing MAP onboard the RV Keary during Geological Survey of Ireland mapping exercises off Arklow.

The RV Keary is equipped with a dual head Kongsberg EM2040D multibeam and operates primarily in shallow to medium depth coastal zone waters.

This current testing phase is focused on optimising the workflow integration of MAP with the onboard Kongsberg SIS data acquisition software, QPS QINSy navigation line manager, and the vessel autopilot.

Journal of Ocean Technology White Paper Published (May 2016)

The spring issue of the Journal of Ocean Technology leads with an essay from SonarSim focusing on current trends in underwater Simulation platforms. The essay discusses the opportunities to leverage smart Simulation to unlock smart underwater sub-systems, equipped with sensory intelligence, robust automation, and decision making capabilities. These smart sub-systems are required to realise integrated smart technology ecosystems, which are urgently needed to drive efficiencies across all stages of the modern underwater workflow if the industry is to survive cheap oil.

The historical evolution of the enabling hardware and software ICT building blocks is presented before delving into a selection of pertinent case studies conducted by SonarSim over the past number of years which serve to illuminate the key role Simulation must play in the delivery of most cost effective training, management, R&D, and operations.

“Outside the Matrix: Simulation in the Real World”, F. Flannery & J. Riordan, The Journal of Ocean Technology, p2-11, Vol. 11, No. 1, 2016
Foynes Harbour
Multibeam Survey (April 2016)

SonarSim have completed a pre-dredging survey of the harbour jetty at Foynes port for the Shannon Foynes Port Company, in partnership with the University of Limerick Mobile & Marine Robotic Research Centre.

The rapid mobilisation survey was completed within a 3 day window and produced a processed chart and 3D digital terrain model of the seabed and structures underneath and around the jetty wall.

The level of sediment deposiiton along the jetty wall and supporting pylons was captured using a Reson 7125 multibeam SONAR deployed from the back deck crane of the SFPC Holland 1 dredger. The cleaned data was chart referenced using RTK precision GPS positioning.

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